About us

Who are we

Suisfood is a commercial practice company in business since the 1990s, based in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Suisfood deals with electronics goods and trains the full time commercial apprentices of Canton Ticino. We collect the latest technological innovations and maintain constant product availability . The Suisfood catalogs are two and contains products for the home, office and leisure. We want to reach the widest range of consumers interested in technology. We are active online to make technologies, experiences and products always available and to be in contact with everyone.
Through an internship oriented daily practice, the trainee will be able to acquire and develop administrative, business and commercial skills in the different departments of our structure.
As a practice company, we operate in a closed network with products and services, in cooperation with other practice companies all over the world. All our commercial and business processes are managed in the same way as a real commercial company and according to the most recent business principles.
During 6 weeks the students of the various business schools of the Canton Ticino benefit from practical training in our company, so as to learn and consolidate knowledge for professional field. Suisfood annually trains around 300 students.
Our main focus lies on the development of the professional and social competences of our trainees by offering them individual education and development opportunities as well as a motivating work environment. We encourage cooperative exchanges and active interactions.